Complex psychological, medical and pedagogical examination

01 march 2012 year
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The team SBEI Rehabilitation and Education center No. 76

Dear parents!

The Department of Education of the City of Moscow and the North District Office of Education informed that in 2012 with the purpose of timely identification of deficiencies in the physical and (or) mental development and (or) variations in the behavior of children will be a complex psychological, medical and pedagogical examination children. According to a survey of recommendations will be prepared to provide children for psychological, medical and educational assistance and special conditions of their education and training, which is carried out by territorial (district) psychological, medical and pedagogical commission in the community.

Psycho-medico-pedagogical commission will work on the basis of the administrative district of Moscow on April 1, 2012. Admission to the examination for appointment will osuschestvlyaetsya from March 2012.

In the Northern Administrative District of Moscow is a center for psychological, medical and social support "green branches". Address: Str. Novopeschanaya, d. 26. Tel. 8 (499) 195-99-93.

Questions on the acquisition of specialized educational institutions for children with disabilities (correctional schools, correctional boarding schools, sanatorium schools, sanatorium boarding schools) can be set at 8 (499) 155-94-89 Education Department adviser Kuzmina Elena Igorevna.

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