aturday April 21, 2012, a fee of 9.30.

21 april 2012 year

A small pedestrian


April 17, 2012 in elementary school GBOU Rehabilitation and educational center number 76 was interviewed for the prevention of child road traffic injury.

21 april 2012 year

Subject of the week


In GBOU Rehabilitation and Educational Center number 76 held a week of Natural History from 16 to 20 April 2012.

17 april 2012 year

Open day


Open Day at Bauman MIREA will be held April 22, 2012 at 11:00.

16 april 2012 year

Summer camp


During the summer holidays on the basis of SBEI Rehabilitation and Education center will operate a children's camp.

29 march 2012 year

Complex psychological, medical and pedagogical examination


Complex psychological, medical and pedagogical examination of children for the purpose of timely identification of deficiencies in the physical, mental development, abnormalities in the behavior of children.

01 march 2012 year

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Executor: SBEI REC No. 76
Article: 00000024

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